Very much worth it; you pay a bit more but yes, worth it. For FREE they put my car up on the lift, let me stand there with them and noted every item that was making my car ride like a rock. (Something that Mercedes of Manhattan could not do). My 2003 Mercedes has never run better. I like that they are a family run business, in business over 50 years and gave my car what feels like an over-haul. I strongly recommend A-1 to anyone that takes pride in their car OR that is buying a new car and wants a full inspection for FREE!! I will never return back to Mercedes in mid-town west. Thank you A-1, you have my business forever.–Tony Oakley

Ever since I stumbled onto this place a couple of years ago, I've been bringing my Volkswagon GTI here.  They've been able to keep my car running great, and they can usually get it back to me pretty quickly.  Another plus is the employees... they're all knowledgeable and will put up with my stupid questions.–Jordan H. New York, NY

Yes, they are still an expensive auto shop. At this point, I just don't care. They are the only mechanics in New York that I've found who do the work properly, explain the issues to me thoroughly, treat everything with honesty and professionalism, and are nice, good people who take care of business. I live in Queens, and while Inwood is pretty out of my way, it's worth the trip. My car runs well because of these guys.–SMH, Queens